How to recover VMWare virtual machine

If a VM fails, you can restore it from a backup file. You can restore a single VM or multiple VMs to the original or new location.

In this section, you will learn how to restore a VM to the original location. For more information on how to restore the VM t...


Recover VMware ESXi

Let’s look at the issue when your VMFS datastore attached to an ESXi host/vSphere is deleted, lost, or damaged. It may happen, for example, due to a human error when a VMware administrator accidentally removes a VMFS datastore or a disk/LUN with VMFS partition was disabled/lo...


Recover files from virtual machine

Virtual Machines are the most popular computing resource among users due to their multiple benefits like easy maintenance, facility for multiple operating systems, independence from the physical systems, running programs and deploying apps.

Retrieve VM files



Retrieve VMware vSphere Files

VMware is the leading virtualization platform supplier. Many companies choose its products as their cloud solutions.

VMware data recovery for vSphere

Virtual machines are the important parts of a virtual environment because many business systems are running on t...


How to recover deleted files from virtual machine

Using multiple Windows on single hardware can be achieved via virtualization. Windows 10 introduces a built-in feature of Hyper-v manager. The Hyper-v Stores entire data into either .vhd file type or .vhdx file type. But what if your important fi...