General Programing

Programmers versed in standard languages, C, C++, Java, Pearl, Python etc...

DATA BASE programing

Database programmers who develop database plans and build databases that are non-specialized. Versed in SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, etc.

Specialized Programming

Programmers with specific skill sets for critical applications such as SAP, VMWare, AWS, Azure Tableau, ETL services.

Software Architects

Sr. Programmers architects, who lead the design, requirements and end to end vision of the enterprise software program and lead Jr. Programmers through the implementation process.


Technical Analyst

Resource to do the general duties of the technical aspects of the program such as requirements, cross-functional design meetings, technical resource management and administrative duties.

Business Analyst

Resource to do the business activities related to the program, finance and budgeting, time management, PM coordination

Program Management

Resource to the end to end program / project at an executive level. Manages resources, provides readouts to stakeholders and owns the scheduling and budget of the program.

Offshore resourcing

provide offshore resources to develop and entire project or do database entry and cleanup as required.


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