About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


Welcome to Eminence Development LLC. 
Eminence development is a young company that started its business operations with Permanent Staffing Solutions as its core competency under the leadership of Mr. Nag Vorrey (Chairman & Managing Director). Subsequently, Genius diversified its operation into Flexi Staffing Solutions that dealt with outsourcing of manpower. During the course of its further diversification, Genius has launched five of its featured products, Programming, DBA, Specialized Programming, Software Architects,Technical Analysts, Business Analysts, Program Management resources, and Offshore resourcing.

Rob Ames (Chairman and President) joined the team to bring years of experience in the engineering and software development from large scale organizations to meet the needs of their customers Rob is a Veteran of both the USN and corporate world with 25+ years of experience Rob is well diversified at applying SaFE and Agile methods to large scale organizations. He also has provided innovative solutions to solving real world business problems and is a leader in using open source and cloud technology to ensure applications are affordable and scalable.

Management Profile

Eminence Development team is a group of qualified professionals working towards a common goal of “customer satisfaction”. The Genius team comprises of MBAs, Engineers, CAs & post graduates. Together the founders have over 50 years of experience in the engineering and software development lines of business.


  • To provide direct contract resources to solve your short or long term development needs
  • To help you offshore larger projects to complete them on time and on budget
  • Meet the needs of  your company assisting in the FTE crunch


  • To provide innovative, professional and customized services to Corporates to your organization
  • To ensure the resources are meeting your needs and providing quality development resources to help you complete projects
  • To scale at your pace and allow you to scale development staff to your organization without direct full time employees
  • To team with your organization to ensure your development or offshoring needs are met.


The owners of Eminence Development have more than 60 years of industry IT experience. They understand both Engineering and IT aspects of code development and are experienced in Safe and Agile delivery methods. In addition to providing coding resources, we can help guide your company through large scale development efforts. They are familiar with traditional development with IDE resources to open source methods and technologies that break the mold on some of the conventional programs. Either way we can work with you and either provide the resource needed or consult with you to guide you through complex development projects. We look forward to working with you.